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OnlineNIC Reseller's Template 4.0 System
Super-Administrator Manual

The users of Template 4.0 include Super-Administrator, Administrators, Members.

As the unique master of Template, Super-Administrator has access to add or delete Administrators, set the access limitation for each Administrator and manage all members and domains.

What's the relationship between Super-Administrator and Administrators?

Super-Administrator is the highest master of Template, with access to implement all the operations in template. In order to reduce Super-Administrator's burden in managing a great deal of members and domains, Template 4.0 enables Super-Administrator to create some administrators between Members and himself to share his work. For example, Super-Administrator may create finance Administrator, who is exclusively in charge of member's funds management, and also create pricing Administrator, who is responsible for making domain prices, etc. The establishment of administrators will help Super-Administrator better manage the whole system.

The fixed login ID of Super-administrator is 100.

How does Super-Administrator manage template system?
1. Login Page(Login ID: 100)

2. Manage Administrator

    • Click to add new administrator
    • click to modify the information of Administrator
    • Click to delete the Administrator
    • Click to set the Administrator's access

    Page of Administrator's access setting

3. System Setting

    • Website Skin: set the language showed in the template panel
    • Website Language: set the language for the instruction messages.
    • Title: the name of your brand
    • System Status: start or stop running template system
    • Copyright: Input name of organization or individual who possess the copyright.
    • Pagesize: input the maximum volume of record lines showed in each page. Generally, the volume is between 1-50
    • Reseller ID: input your reseller ID in OnlineNIC
    • Reseller Password: input your reseller password in OnlineNIC
    • Server Host:
      Note: If you want to run template in test environment, please input "" as Server Host and enter 135610 as reseller ID, which is exclusively for test use. The password of test account is 654123. If you want to run template in real-time environment, please input "" as server host.
    • Server Port: 20001
4. Domain Setting

    • Click DNS to set defaul DNS
    • Click Price to make price (There are no more than 5 diffenet member-levels allowed to be set in Template 4.0)
    • Click Stop or Start to stop or start this type of domain business.

5. Domain Upgrade

    Once OnlineNIC develops the domain with new suffix, through this panel you may add this new domain business to your template system.

6.Manage Domain
    You may list all domains or the domains matching with the certain situation. For instance, you may input user name to display all the domains of that member, or input time & domain type to find the domains.

    Through this panel, you are able to modify nameserver & whois information of domains, renew and delete the domains.

7. Register Domain

    Considering that sometimes has to manually register the domain for your customers, OnlineNIC add the function of domain registration for you in Template 4.0. In the course of domain registration, you have to enter the domain and user name which you want to register it for. Once the domain is registered successfully, the Registration fee will be deducted from the account of that user name and the domain will be remained in that account.

8. Member List (List all of your customers)

    • Click to view member information
    • Click to modify member information
    • Click to delete member

9. Funds Management

    Add funds to the member account or deduct the funds from the member account

10. Query Transaction

    Input user name to search its transaction history.