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OnlineNIC Reseller's Template 4.0 System
Install Specifications

I. Overview

OnlineNIC Template 4.0 is the upgrading version of Template 3.0. The new reseller template system allows OnlineNIC resellers to offer real-time domain registration services directly to their customers on their own web site, with their own branding. The template system connects transparently to OnlineNIC's real-time registration server on the back end. The OnlineNIC reseller template system is easy to implement and requires little programming.
Comparing to the old version, Template 4.0 has the following advantages:

  1. Much easier to set up in your web server. Low technology requirement in the course of installation.
  2. Domain registration speed increased
  3. Domain categories increased and more powerful function in managing domain for both Super-administrator and customer.
  4. Supporting to add the future domain with the new suffix to Template 4.0. If OnlineNIC develop the suffix, the customer may upgrade their domain categories in their template through "Domain Upgrade" section.

II. System Requirements

Operation system: Linux, Windows NT /2000
Web server: Any webserver with PHP support. The version of PHP should be 4.10 or more advanced.
Database: MySQL

III. Template Installation

NOTE: For security concern, please remember to delete the folder of "install" after completing installation. That is to avoid re-installing the template by accidentally running install script.

We have provided the setup program to implement installation. It is very easy for you to complete the installing template in your web server through this program, which is under the directory of Install.

Installation preparation:

  1. create a datatbase in MySQL Server for the use of Template 4.0
  2. Create a directory under your root directory for the template system and make that directory executable. for example, this directory is called "templates."
  3. Unzip the and copy all the template files to template directory, for example, this directory is classed "templates".
Installation process£º
  1. run "install.php" file under "install" directory through your web browser, and then click "Install now" in welcome page to go to the first step of installation.

  2. Configure the database connection parameters

    • Database Type: please choose the type matching with your database
    • Host: input the IP address of your database host
    • Database Name: set the user name of your database
    • Username: input the user name for log into your database
    • Password: input the password for log into your database

  3. Initialize system data

    • Super-Administrator Passord: set the password of Super-Administrator
    • Confirm Password: type the password again to confirm
    • Super-Administrator Name: Input the true name of Super-Administrator
    • Super-administrator Dept.: The deparment in which Super-Administrator works
    • Website Skin: set the language showed in the template panel
    • Website Language: set the language for the instruction messages.
    • website title: the name of your brand
    • Website Copyright: Input name of organization or individual who possess the copyright.
    • Pagesize: input the maximum volume of record lines showed in each page. Generally, the volume is between 1-50
    • OnlineNIC Reseller ID: input your reseller ID
    • OnlineNIC Reseller Password: input your reseller password

  4. Install successfully

    If the template is installed successfully, its default status is in "stop". Any operation relating to domain cannot be processed until its status is changed to "start". You may log onto template as Super-Administrator and then click "system setting" under "Super-Admin area" to implement status modification.