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Importance of Logo in Business

When a business is started most of the entrepreneurs put pay they complete attention in their efforts to bring the business. They quite naturally forget or do not find time enough to look at their logo. Many people even start without getting  their business a logo and other marketing materials.

Many people design a basic logo and some marketing material them selves and wait for the customers or business come. Only after the business has been practically started they realise their logo does not have any feeling or a professional touch. Many times because of this very fact their business does not get them a kick start and they become ever more frustrated.

Many entrepreneurs choose to design their own marketing materials when they launch their businesses, especially by creating their first business card. Or sometimes they will have an amateur designer, friend, or relative create the design. There are several reasons why this is not the best idea.

What would a bad logo do to your business?

A bad or unprofessionally designed logo may not seem to be harmfull but it has many adverse implications for a business.

With a poor Logo Your business will not look stable. Your business will appear to be more likely to fold or to fail. Your clients may not have confidence in doing business with you. Would you yourself do business with someone whose logo is copy of some thing or is a mere piece of clif art taken from some software? Such businesses seem to be on unstable and who might not be in business by the end of your project or after you have purchased an item?

You will look like a very small business. Bigger organizations, successful businesses would never consider doing business with some company who does not have professional, originally designed marketing materials. Using materials that are not professionally designed (i.e., Microsoft or Vistaprint templates) makes your business appear even smaller and can possibly indicate that you cannot perform to or meet the standards required.

Your business will look unpolished and rough. Not having a professional "look and feel" in your marketing material, letterheads, etc can make it appear as though your business does not matter to you. Customers may get the impression that you do not care about the way your business presents itself, which might indicate that you would not care about the quality of your work or the way that your work reflects upon their business.

You will look unfocused and haphazard. Unprofessional, uncoordinated marketing materials can make your business look "jumbled" or confused. If you have a business card with one look and feel and a Web site with another, this creates a confused -- and confusing -- look and feel for your business. This can also cause an identity crisis for a small business. When looking at your differently designed materials, potential clients may be fooled into thinking that they are looking at materials that represent different companies.

More than half of all businesses fail within their first few years or even before they get their head start. One reason of failure that is most common is that businesses did not start with proper marketing material, proper logo and a set vision.

In the beginning no doubt every one is in a hurry to achieve the first few orders or customers but to actually achieve it you need to impress the customers and to do that a professional logo can contribute a lot to your business's visibility, credibility, and memorability (three factors that will help your business to grow and achieve success).

So, while you are busy with trying to get the first orders of your business logo development may seem like a prudent idea from economic point of view, but dont make this mistake. A poor logo could result in your business never getting off the ground. It can also lead to your business folding back while a with a good professional logo you are bound to succeed.

If you think that you can't afford to design a logo when starting your business, consider the outcomes -- how can you afford not to?

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