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How to Design a Logo

Designing a logo starts by learning what exactly Logo is Read our article about what is Logo Once you have a clear concept of what Logo is you than come to your business, entity or to the very fact what the new logo will represent. You will need to study the particular subject, its norms and possibly study your compotators logos to get ideas about your own logo.

Your logo is not just a funny design, a twisted text or simply some wired picture, your logo exactly reflects your businessís commercial brand with its shape, fonts, colour, texture, images or lines.

A logo should developed trust, recognition and admiration for a company or product and many times you just cant sit down and make few lines on a logo design software and get a logo of your company. Logo will need lot more than that if you think you cant do all that it is worth giving this job to a professional Logo Designers like ourselves (Exalogics. ). The designers know quite well to create a logo that will do its job.

Ok Now what makes a great Logo is it the design, color or what well here is what a logo should be,

1. A logo must be describable (You should be able to understand it immediately what it represents)
2. A logo must be memorable (Logo should be simple and easy to remember some thing that can be digested easily)
3. A logo must be effective without color (Not aways one can have colors so in case Logo is printed on a black & white printer it should still look good)
4. A logo must be scalable i.e. effective when just an inch in size

Examples of Some Logos

As we know now what a logo is, and what are the key points to keep in mind for designing a logo we can learn the design process. Designing of the logo is the hardest part of. Each company or entity's logo design process is different and experience usually is the key factor in creating your own logo. here are some key points which our Logo designers consider when creating a great looking logo

The Design Brief
Research & Brainstorming
Prototyping & Conceptualizing
Send To Client For Review
Revise & Add Finishing Touches
Supply Files To Client and Give Customer Service

Now take a Pencil and paper and draw few designs although drawing lins here and there will not actually help you create a logo but it will certainly give you ideas.

Study other logs of the same trade and compare your services and others and see what can you make that will bring you right upfront.

Chose some fonts that are easy to read and eye catching

Now discuss this logo with friends and even clients

Put the logo on a computer software and get it pixelized

Now again make changes in colors and textures and see which suits you the best.


Written By Jamal Panhwar at eXalogics.com For InfraLogos and Guluna Technologies

What is a Logo

How To Design a Logo


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