Exalogics Communications SEO Articles How Pakistanis are making lacs of rupess from ‘simple’ way of doing business on Amazon

How Pakistanis are making lacs of rupess from ‘simple’ way of doing business on Amazon

“After doing engineering, I got a job in a pharmaceutical company. I used to ask myself if this was my future.”

This is according to Abdullah Tariq from Lahore who is currently working as a seller and service provider in Amazon, the world’s leading e-commerce website.

At the same time, Abdullah is setting up his own service provider agency to encourage and train others like him to take advantage of existing business opportunities in the e-commerce industry instead of working in private or government agencies.

What Abdullah said about his tenure is not an old story, but only a few months ago.

Last year, when the global corona virus epidemic in Pakistan, like the rest of the world, had been affecting the economy for two years in a row, they came to know about Amazon while searching for an online business or job.

Abdullah Tariq is currently working as a seller and service provider on Amazon, a leading e-commerce website around the world.

“Some time ago, I suffered a significant loss in my business endeavors through the Internet,” he says. I used to sell shirts, cups and other items online that people could print pictures or text of their choice. My grip on product development was strong, but the choice of a courier company to deliver these items to the customer led to the demise of this business.

Abdullah says that in June last year, he learned about Brackley Learning, which was offering free business courses on Amazon.

“I did that course, created my own account on Amazon which required up to Rs 100,000. I quit my job then. I started driving taxis online at night, which helped me with household expenses, as well as focusing on Amazon.

Kainat Omar, a resident of Islamabad, is a mother of three who, like Abdullah, is running a successful business through Amazon.

“My mother was a teacher and she wanted me to be a doctor or a teacher, but I had no interest in either,” says Kainat. I chose technology, did software engineering, then did a networking course with project management. After that I got a job and continued my education. She was doing MS when I got married.

“After the marriage, when the children started, life started revolving around them. When the children started going to school, I started trying to work,” she says. I started a clothing business, then started another business but sometimes suppliers and sometimes some other problem kept coming and I had to stop working, all these jobs were home based, but there was a significant financial loss.

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Kainat Omar: ‘If so many people can do this successfully, why can’t I?’

How is business possible through Amazon in Pakistan?
An organization in Lahore called Brackley Learning is providing business training to the public on Amazon. It was founded by Usman Akhtar about eight months ago. Abdullah and Kainat are also running their business and agency today after being trained by them.

Usman explains that the safest business model on Amazon while living in Pakistan is to buy the items already for sale there and sell them to the buyer on the same website. Give the product seller the buyer’s address for delivery and receive the price from the buyer with your profit. In this model you do not even have to stock the product and it is called drop shipping.

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Kainat Omar describes this work-learning journey as follows: “My initial knowledge of trying to find out about Amazon on the Internet was that drop-shipping can be risky and risky. After fearing drop shipping in two large online groups, when I considered other options, I realized that it would take thousands of dollars to get started, which I did not have.

She says she was about to turn away when she learned of a new Amazon group called Brackley. Where a free training course was being offered to understand the drop shipping model. ‘Obviously it was free, why not?’

The Brakeley company officials not only explained to us in that free training course but also showed us their active drop shipping accounts on Amazon which performed very well. The only thing that came to my mind was, if so many people can do it successfully, why can’t I? ‘

Kainat says that this question gave them the direction to move forward in it.

“I joined Brackley’s first boot camp after the training course, creating an account on Amazon while continuing my learning process. Launched services for the UK and US, the journey began in June last year and I am now providing drop shipping as well as Amazon account reset services.

Of course, that’s why when the BBC first contacted Kainat Omar, he said, “I used to raise children and now I’m running my own business.”

What is the educational qualification or standard for this job?
Usman Akhtar says: “Working as a business or service provider on Amazon requires a basic knowledge of English so that you can understand the correct information about the product, better communicate with sellers and customers. Other than that, no educational certificate is required.

Usman says the key to working effectively on Amazon is a commitment to work. The more time the service provider spends actively on this task, the greater the chances of success.

“At Brackley, we’re focusing on raising public awareness about Amazon,” he said. In this regard, we have put a lot of content on social media platforms to help the public.

According to him, scholarships have also been started by Brackley in January this year. The scholarship program can benefit widows, poor students, children of martyrs and people belonging to the disadvantaged sections of the society. We have provided scholarships worth over Rs 10 million to the public till mid-February last year.

The tendency to prioritize business over employment
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Usman Akhtar: ‘To work as a business or service provider on Amazon, you need to have a basic knowledge of English so that you can understand the correct information about the product.’

According to the head of Brackley Learning, in the eight months since its inception, it has trained nearly a thousand people across the country to work on Amazon, including not only drop shipping but also account management, accounts. Includes a number of services such as resettlement.

They claim that only 5% of the trainees have not been able to do this due to some personal problem and the remaining 95% have turned to business.

Kainat says she finds it difficult to work outside the home and does not consider herself able to work under the influence or responsibility of anyone. That’s why you should always keep an eye on your work.

“There are many aspects of happiness in this whole process,” she says. Can not be done.’

According to Abdullah Tariq, in societies like Pakistan, even after going to school, college and then university, the purpose of all this education is considered to be to get a better job. The better the education, the better the hard work, the better the job opportunities in the company or organization. This is what we are taught from childhood to adolescence and from home to university. No one says that after so much education business can be good or no educational institution prepares us to do good business.

“It’s a continuation of the idea of ​​getting a job and a better job,” says Abdullah. Our generations are continuing this trend. This will continue as long as we do not give up our comfortable environment and dare for ourselves.

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