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Daily wage laborer who made millions from YouTube making food videos

Ask Manda was a daily wage labourer who used YouTube in the aftermath of the Corona epidemic to make his living. Now he has become a social media star and earns millions of rupees.

Sandeep Sahu reports that when Manda posted his first video on YouTube in March 2020, he was facing a dilemma.

A nationwide lockdown to curb the Corona epidemic had shut down India’s construction sector, which also paid Manda.

It was difficult for Manda and other day laborers like him to make ends meet.

That’s when he came up with a unique idea.

Her children were watching cartoons on YouTube when they found out through an advertisement how people are making money by posting videos on YouTube.

He thought why not try it too, after all there is no harm in it. So he got information from YouTube and started working with cooking videos.

In the first video, Manda can be seen sitting with a plate full of rice, lentils, tomatoes and green peppers. He ate the plate quietly after welcoming his audience. But the results of this video were contrary to their expectations.

“No one watched my videos for a week,” he says. My heart is broken. ‘
Her family members are also often seen in her videos

But he did not give up and decided to try again. Now they turn to YouTube for help and see how many people spread their videos through other social media platforms.

“I opened my Facebook account and shared my videos there,” he said. This method worked and 10 to 12 people watched my videos.

In a short time, a video made by him went viral in which the famous rice dish of Orissa was shown.

“After this video, 20,000 users came to my YouTube channel in one day. These people came from all over the world, the United States, Brazil, Mongolia.

After this encouraging development, he did not look back.

Two years later, his channel, Manda Eats (Manda’s Food), has 80,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed 100 million times.

Now they too look comfortable in front of the camera’s eye and sometimes they are seen partying in the village and sometimes looking for mushrooms with their family.

Last year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Manda in his monthly radio show, saying “he made his mark on the internet with a combination of culture and food.”

“As soon as I reached the moon, the number of subscribers to my channel increased,” says Manda.

Conquered YouTube with the help of YouTube
Manda’s videos fall into a category where people eat and interact with the audience.

The series began in 2010 in South Korea and Japan and then gradually spread around the world. These channels called ‘McBang’ are now watched by millions of people, including India’s Mediates.

Fans of these videos say that if they are eating alone, they would love to post videos that reduce their loneliness.

But Manda was completely unaware of this philosophy when he started it. He just looked at the different categories of videos and then decided that he would make food videos because he could cook with the help of his wife.

“I thought viewers might be interested in how our lives and food are,” he says.

In all this work, his teacher and guide was YouTube, from where he learned which camera to take, how to make a video, even the cooking techniques he got from YouTube.

To start this work, he set aside 3,000 rupees from his savings, which was a huge amount for him, and bought a smartphone to make videos.

Manda did not finish his studies and could speak very little English. But they learned to email themselves and use social media to expand their channel.

They also learned to put subtitles on their videos with the help of Google Translate (translation app) and improved their work over time.

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When they made the first video, they could just be seen eating their food at once. In the video, he says in Hindi, “Hello friends, I’m eating the food on this plate.” He then explained what was on the plate and then ate.

But if you look at the videos on their channel now, the difference is obvious. The content of the February 2022 videos is very different. Now they don’t make videos of every meal or every day but choose special times like a village feast.

Indian citizens everywhere watch their videos and comment on them, in which they even compare their food with the food of their homes.

Many people admire the simplicity and texture of their lives. One user commented, “It’s a lot of fun at their community party.” Another user wrote, “They really know what food is worth and how to respect it.”

Over time, Manda’s fame spread. From their favorite homemade dishes, they now make a variety of dishes on the orders of their channel users. North Indian potato pratha and Chao Man’s Indian recipe are also included in his videos.

Isaac shaved
There are also food challenges in these videos. In a rice challenge, he cooked rice on a fire in the ground and then sat down to eat with his family.

“We eat plain food every day,” he says, although now they can eat more meat than before.

The future of children
Manda earned two and a half hundred rupees a day when he worked as a laborer and worked 18 to 20 days a month. This amount was not enough to support a family of six besides their parents.

Now they have no such problem. As his channel grew in popularity, so did his earnings.

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In the days when his channel became very popular, he was earning up to Rs. 300,000 per month. But if the number of viewers of the videos ever decreases, then the revenue also decreases.

Nowadays, they earn an average of Rs 60,000 to Rs 70,000 a month.

With this income, he has built a two-storey concrete house in place of his old hut at a cost of about two lakh rupees.

Not only that, they have also saved money for their children’s education and bought a used car. Now they also use a laptop for video editing.

Manda has become a household name in the area and occasionally hosts lavish feasts for the villagers, including a chicken dish.

Now their next dream is to enroll their children in an English school.

“I want them to get the best education possible. If I can do all this with a little education, I am sure that after getting higher education they will be able to do a lot better.

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