How can we help

At Exalogics Communications we can help you find the best domains for your business, We will find you the best hosting company for you that will bring you business. We will also find you a we designer and can also teach you or your staff to design a web site.

No developer can design a site for you you might only get a skin of the site but contents have to be put inside it by you. For this purpose we give special tracings to maintain, manage market and promote your web site.
Search Engine Optimization Service

Thank you for your interest in our SEO services. We will be pleased to offer you the following services at a niminal cost of US$ 250.00 per month paid quaterly and minimum 6 months contract will be required.

We will bring about your Google page rank to 4 or even 5 currently it is zero

We will make 3000 pages related to business image consultancy, Business Logo design Importance and also about psychology of colors and lines. This content will be new freshly written exclusively for your web site hence you will get a big exposure on numerous key words.

We will have your Web site listed into 100+ directories

We will Make Exclusive pages related to your web site and linked to your site on our 4 high rank sites.

We will get your site ranked in top 10 for at least 3 of the following keywords.

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All pages of your web site will be checked and re-written if they are copies of any other pages on the internet.

You will have complete control on design

Our terms.

The Guarantees provided will will come in effect after 2 months but you will actually start seeing traffic form the very first or 2nd week,

We will also work on Yahoo and msn search simultaneously

In case you decide to stop our service we will stop working on the site and our Authority links will also be deleted and our content which we add on your web site will be retained by us however you may wish to purchase that atthat time for a lump sum price.

Dear Sir our job is to bring you qualifies visitors but to get the visitors buy your services we will also ask you to pay full attention on follow up of customers and provide the best customer service.