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Hosted Microsoft Exchange Solution

It is indeed a pleasure for us to offer your state of the arte Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution for your organization. With our hosted Exchange Solution you can attain 100% reliability uptime and hassle free email solution for your organizations communication.

Our Hosted Email solution is based in the top of the line secure datacenters in USA & UK your email is safe guarded with triple back up servers and redunt servers.

Turnkey solution for email and contact management

Let your organization have power of Microsoft's robust messaging and collaboration server without the large upfront investment for software licensing, server hardware, or continuing expense of IT maintenance with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail from Exalogics Communication.

 Get more robust features and security than standard POP mail

With support of real-time Safe and Block lists, as well as server-side filtering of unsolicited junk e-mail messages using SmartScreen technology, Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail can immediately boost your customers' productivity. IPSec encryption makes traffic between front-end and back-end servers more secure. Exalogics Hosted Exchange Mail also includes regular backups, upgrades and guaranteed uptime.

Microsoft Outlook gives customers much more than email

In addition to robust email management, you can easily view colleagues' up-to-date calendars and schedule meetings, assign and manage company tasks on central to do' lists, manage and access contact information of employees and clients from anywhere, share documents across the team so everyone's working from the most current version, and more. No wonder Outlook is the world's most popular business email program! Your customers get it all for one fixed monthly fee that's easy on their budget.

What makes Hosted Exchange Mail better than POP3 or IMAP4 email?

Because Microsoft Exchange Mail traditionally requires the purchase and licensing of software and the maintenance of your own server, its robust features had been out of reach for many smaller growing companies who had to settle for webmail or outside POP3 servers.

With Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail from Exalogics, you can now harness the power of 14 robust features, all in one solution. Some of the features offered are

them with regular email:

      Basic email support for SMTP and POP3    

      Basic Spam Filtering    

      Basic Anti-Virus Protection    

      Basic Email Forwarding    

      Basic Web Mail    



      Group scheduling    

      Shared calendars and side-by-side calendar views    

      Send out meeting requests; track and update them    

      Access to personal and shared address books from remote locations    

      Outlook Web Access (OWA)    

      Automatic out-of-office reply    

      Ability to recall sent messages    

      Outlook single sign-on for email and network access    

      Easy management of Outlook and Exchange Server profiles across multiple machines to lower support costs    

      Outlook Cached Exchange Mode for working with intermittent Web connection (eg dial-up)    

      Offline email, calendar, contacts, and public folder support    

      Access to public folders for sharing documents and information