PK Domain Registration

PK domainsor Pakistani domains are domains having the following extentions


The domains are registerred thru Pakistan Domain Registry based in Lahore. We offer the following prices for these domains

For extensions .pk,, & the price is Rs. 2400 for 2 years plus hosting charges if needed.

How to Book a .pk domain?

Any one can register a .pk domain, contact us via our online form whatsapp or call us at +923212424778 and check availablity of the domain, send us your payment online to our bank and your domain will be registerred in your name in about 2 hours.

How to Book Domain? and are governemnt domains and you need to apply to book via your respective department, we can help you book these domain for a flat fees of Rs. 1000 per domain plus the charges if any by the PKNIC registrar.

How to book domain Domain is reserved for educational institutions only, you must have a registration certificate of your institution. The cost is Rs. 2400 for 2 years. Please contact us to book this domain