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Bata Pakistan

Over the last couple of years groat efforts have been made to upgrade our
stores throughout the whole region so that they reflect a common standard ard
theme In ttvs regard, the new stores show ģie results of these deeds and endeaws
They have been designed n order to visually present merchandise in an attractive
and eye-catching manner in a modem environment similar to our top stores m
countries such as Singapore and Malaysia

Bata Pakistan Limitod has boon very prolific and showed phenomenal growth over
tho past couplo of years in tho shoo industry m Pakistan This success, which such
opportunities a the result of the  big secrets formats having state of the art
shoes congenial store ambiance and high quality product range at affordable prices to give the customer the best experience to shop at Bata outlets

During tho upcoming years. Bata Pakistan will embarc upon an aggressive retail
expansion program that sees the opening of simiiar new outlets throughout the
country and at the same time upgrading and modernizing many of its existing
stores Apropos with tow expansion, there w* be a major emphasis on further
furnish ng our customers with constantly updated fashion products and
introducing new product lĢies With thĢ program, I am confront that Bata Pakistan
w* bo a two to maintain its leading position in the market as the brand of
choice tor insightful customers looking for fashion coupled with value

contemporary lifestyles by offering a wtxjtotomo product choice along wĢh cne
of a luid shopprtg experience *hdi sets apart our brand oxponenco.

Our mantra for this new roji/rcnatod brand exporter** is to go one step ahead to
provide the ultim.iV) customer MtisfwJtm The mrilMnm, the layout and in fact
every detail of each of the stores is meant tor easy access, hgh visibility\

Group Managing Director

Bata • Emerging Markets. West-Malaysia
I am delighted to put across the message of congratulation to Bata Pakistan team
on the occasion of the opening of now Flogsh p stores <n Karachi. Lahore ond
Imran Malik Managing Director Bat a Pakistan Llmrted

The opening of new Flagship stores n Karachi. Lahore and Faisaiabad
represents Pie culmination of a goal to enter a new age of retaling in Pakistan.

Bata is a household name m pits country where 70 years from row Bata started off
as the first intomatonol footwear brand in Pakistan and since our Inception, we
have taken pndo in our traditions of oHenng quality products to our customers.
Through the years we have not ony introduced the concept of classy footĢ*ar but
have mo eOxated our customors wtth mo chanpng trends. Bata now offers its
customers with tho variety of its international brands that are catering to
every segment of the society. The brand name Bata transates to relĢb*ty. quaity
and style, we at Bata make sure that we stay true to our brand name.
Recognizing tho over growng demand tor our products and an expanding customor
base, wo at Bata pfan to off or all thatwocantoourcustcmors It indudos oporang
now outlets and renovatng or expanding the existing ones. Inleucftiis strategy,
we have and are opening Wg format stores. c*y stores as well as family stores to
cater to each of the socio eoonomc class.

All the three now stores have an exclusive range of International brands kko
Mano Cla.ro for ladios. Woinbromor for casual wear, Power for sports. Ambassador
for gents. NorthStar for young hip-hop boys and girls and BubbfeGurrmers lor
kids for the customers to come and enjoy a groat shopping oxperionce. Wo look
forward to serving our existing customers and wnnlng over many new ones at new
Bata outlets.

Bata Flagship Outlets -A New Customer Experience

As one of the largest Brands on foctwoar mtomabonaty and tho largest brand
natonally, Bala has been playing its pioneering rolo throughout its horitago.
From mastering ihe an of product provisioning over the yoars, tho importance of
our service aspect has been at the core of our philosophy The newly opwned Rntn
flagship stores in Karachi. Lahore and Fa-salabad cater lo the needs of
neo-traditional and of all offerings to round off with a satisfactory purchaso
experience These mega stcxes concepts. our chaģengnvj yet successful mibatrvos
aro tho biggest stores of their kind m Pakistan and keep remindng us of
innovating further lo off or the best to our family of loyal customers

Tho stores have a modem 17 od and contempo-ary outlook and even havo smal
attracbcns tke
a ptayiand for children tor an onjoyablo and momorablo experence Special deta’s
have been given to offer customor assistance as tho atmosphere of the stores is
coupfed with the elements to cose vnbtity of dfforont brand offerings. Mane
Claire. Weirfcrennor. Power. NorthStar. Amha**Ģrinr. Rata Romf.l. Loona. H■ f 1
rst and 8ubbleguiimers that cater to ever/ age. segment and taste
Bata today…

• Serves 1 million customers per day

• Employs more than 50,000 people

• Operates 5000 retail stores

• Manages a retail presence in over 70 countries

• Runs 27 production facilities across 20 countries

accessories and a k* owe. So rf you aro locking for somothing special to
spice op ycur ctoset space (hen we a-e sure you *mĢ find something for yoysolf
at our Stores. We have something to offer to everyone from kids to adults along
with an experience which makes sure of your next visit to bo a stroll In our
chopping hĢavnn
& the aocxyeootwntc class are all avatablo in al sizes and colors With a
multitude of offerings from footwear & aocossonos. those stores aro one slop
solution tor those who seĢk a more wholescme and eased purchase

Our flagship store offerings ensure our customers thģ freedom to chooso from an
array of dazzling colors and breathtaking shoe designs.

Leena is cur range of casual cippors and sandals lor women Its bright and
summery colours along with a fun loving attcude are made for women to enjoy the
surrmors to tho fullest This recenty introduced brand is available across
Pakistan in a wwe variety of styles

fun shoes for kids

Bata is one brand that offers companionship for life, we havo a shoo for all of
our customers and for all occasons in ther kves With over 20 in-house brands
available throughout the Rata wortn. we have the perfect portfolio of offerings
Over the years our brands have offered extensive collections serving melons of
customers belonging to different age groups and lifestyles Comfort, aesthetics
and dLrablity aro tho features across ol our drvervfied offerings making sure
that your feet have the right fit at al times

BubWeguniners is the leading children’s footwear brand It offers good
quality. comfortaWe, to and colourful shces from 0 to 9 years old kids assuring
tho healthy growth of child’s foot. Bubtologummerx also cames a wico rango of
occossories including full range of casual bag. school bag. stationery and

by Sob

Elegance Personified

Our handmade with premium leather shoo cok>aon of formol shoos for mon are made
to mafce a statomont o< dass. stylo and eleganco at the most ostoemed occasions
and ovonts. A pe^ect Wend ol comfort and stye with modem technology and classic
shoe making methods, the brand has amassed a significant customer base of the
erne segment and we promise mat you wd not step rto any <#ģr shoe once you
stoppod into ours.

Our shoo offering for outtoors and ad<enturo

Bmit to suit the true outdoor personalties. Woinbronnor carnos tho true ossonco
of nature, travel, leisure and casual time out As a brand. Ģ holds loyal to its
unbroken and unshaken ‘no nonsense” and “for real” reputation We-nbrenner is
target ted at our neo-traotonal’ contemporary customers for theĢr casual moments
W>ti a tagime “Think outdoors, think Weintcenner”. WB aro the shoes you can
count on. no matter what and where you are Woinbronnor a synonymous with leather
shoes and bocts having cuts and designs dictated by fashion. These casual trendy
shoes include goodyear welt construction, rugged moccasin and other strongty
ojtdoor associoced cuts but oways in casual style

marie claire,

Originating in France In the 1960s and msp-od by French fashion. Mario Claire is
an internationally rncogni/nd iradomarx with stylish, affordable and beauifui
shoes Marie Claire symbolizes ologanco for womon and today Marie Claire still
epitomizes Parisienne style and sophistication The brand lives Ihe modern-day
fashion; adapted to an actve ifestyie yet elegantly feminine, sample In design
with subtle fashion trend details resulting In a quality product offemg


Caring for your feet

Nurtunng and protective. Bata Confit tfģnks of you (and your feet) whre you care
for others n is designed for those who prefer oomfcrt over Oil other attntxflcs
associated wtfi shoos As a brand. 8ata Comfit a your loyal safo keeper Many of
tho dosirab’e characteristics such as double such rig molded and message insole,
latex foam insole, soft textile or cambreile lining are used to emphavze tne
brand image of both comfort and style
When it comes to school shoes, every kid emaraces Bata 8 firstĢthei- tavounte
one For al tiogs ģigon>ous. and all things bright. 8 fret represents cfWdron at
ther mart cuncus years. Chldron who are moro than wilirg to pick up. to try and
to venture into the work) of trial and error. B.Vst challenges and inspires
trese students to outdo themselves Our call to acficn brand statement “First to
Bata then to School” or tie go-getters In schools Ģto exploro these golden
school yoars. Our products aro comfortable. CuraWo. versatfo built for ĢKlivw
uģw <hmJ IiĢģ yuud fiMitiy designs


Since its inception in England in 1971, Power has been true to its customers by
providing contemporary, durable and comfortable mid-priced athletic footwear
worldwide The brand expanded to other counties in Europo and was introduced in
North America In 1978. Today, Power is sold in moro than 30 countries around the
Power embodies diversity with ranges runnog. trairwig. court, basketball,
football and outdoor that combines function with aealvty To enhance the afferent
categories there is also a range of young, casual and trendy colecbon Of shoos
lor boffi men and women



North Star is a sport-casual international footwear and accessories brand for
tho youth market Its collections are inspred by world trends and young people s
versatWy developing fashionable commercial products. The qurtwts ģwt aentfy the
brand aro creativity, design, dynamism and modernity